The Buzzword Article Part 3: Makers

Posted on zo 31 december 2017 in Retro-uC

In the third blog post in the discussion on buzzwords related to the Chips4Makers projects I will be talking about one that part of the name of the project.

The Hype

The two biggest movements that can be seen as the forefront of the maker movement are the Arduino and …

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The Buzzword Article Part 2: Crowdfunding

Posted on zo 26 november 2017 in Retro-uC

In this second part of the article covering buzzwords I will be discussing crowdfunding which is also hot at the moment. The phenomenon is likely already over the 'Peak of Inflated Expectation' in the Hype Cycle and on the way to maturity. For the Chips4Makers project and open source silicon …

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The Buzzword Article Part 1: Open Source

Posted on zo 12 november 2017 in Retro-uC

We live in a world with mass production and consumption of goods. In order to stand out from the pack and to sell a lot of things the marketing of the goods is an important part of doing business in this setting. For this marketing often buzzwords are used to …

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Start of a new blog

Posted on zo 22 oktober 2017 in General

Inspired by the LibreCores talk of Philipp Wagner at ORConf 2017 I now decided to start a blog for the Chips4Makers project. Overall the ORConf 2017 conference was inspiring and it was nice to meet real hackers, makers and open source EDA enthousiasts.

When I was heading to the conference …

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