Compiled libraries for ngspice 36 are provided compiled for either CentOS 7 or Ubuntu20.04 so simulation can be performed without needing to install ngspice. One can comment out the setting of the NGPSICE_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable and then ngspice executable in the path will be used to find the shared library. When using own ngspice it is adviced to use version 35 or later to speed up the Also the provided .spiceinit file in the running directory is needed to get this speed up.


ADC design


Currently code is stored locally in file to speed up co-development of the code and this notebook. Code in the file can be reloaded by executing cell below without the need to restart the kernel.

common library to store generated ADC cells

common setup for verification; verify ADC operation at 100MHz clock

8-bit ADC

Currently the 8 bit version of the ADC is highest number of bits supported for layout generation.

The PMOS switch to drive the capacitance during the capture cycle limits the input range of the ADC to about 0.6V-1.8V.